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"Shaping 101" and "Glassing 101" with John Carper

Master Surfboard Building Series

Backyard Ding Repair, 60 Min., 1996...A Do It Yourself Video On Surfboard Repair From Video Action Sports.

Body Boards and Airbrushing (Turbo Surf)

The Book List

1. Maui Boardbuilding and Repair by Bill Walters 1991 (ISBN 0-9630623-0-1) available at most windsurfing shops. It emphazies Clark Foam board building and has a great repair section for all types of boards.  This book uses techniques that are very applicable to the beginning builder whether a Windsurfer or surfboard.

2. Surfboard (How to build surfboards and related watersport equipment) by Stephen Shaw 1994 (ISBN 0-912750-04-09)  This book is written in English and Japanese. Surfboard is the latest in several editions of the 1963 Surfboard Builderīs Manual. Check online book stores for availability. You can also order directly from Transmedia, the publisher with the link above.

3. Surfboard by Stephen Shaw 1983 (ISBN 0-912750-04-09) This book is written in English, French and Spanish.

4. How to Build Sailboard by Hans Fichtner / Michael Garff 1982 (ISBN 0-915160-28-5) (Out of Print)

5. Essential Surfing by George Orbelian 1987 (ISBN 0-9610548-2-4) A great book for understanding design with some building information. Surf shops carry it.

6. The Ding Repair Scriptures (The complete guide to Surfboard Repair) by George Colendich 1986.  If you are only repairing your surfboard this is the book you want. I bought this book at Fiberglass Supply, Bingen, WA. 509-493-3464

7. The Epoxy Book (System Three Resins Publication)

8. Vacuum Bagging Techniques (West System)

9. Cowabunga! the Complete Book of Surfing by Lee Wardlaw 1991
(ISBN 0-380-75996-9) Chapter 13,  Recipe for a Surfboard, Pages 87-95.

10. Surfing Fundamentals by Nat Young 1985 (ISBN 0-89586-688-9)  Caring for Your Board, Pages 40-44.

11. The Complete Book of Surfing by Peter Dixon 1965, Chapter 15, Building a Surfboard, Pages 192-205 and Chapter 16, Board Care and Repair, Pages 206-211

12. Surfboard Design and Construction by James Kinstle 1977

Complete Surfing Guide For Coaches Order Information (Bruce Gabrielson)

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