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Emsworth Custom Boards

Kleb's Custom Board Building

Anthony´s Custom Board Building (Number 10) (550K)

Rainer's Board Page

Selbstbau-Beschreibung, Wolfgang Schreiner, Vacuum Boardbuilding in German

Guide De Construction Amateur - Vacuum Bag Board Building in French

Speed Sailing - Making a sailboard

Glass That Board! Con Colburn Shows You How (Board & Sail, 1982) (700K)

SP System - Building Custom Sailboards and Surfboards (Adobe File)   ADD the file to you system.

John Doyle's Custom Built Air Core Sailboards

Open Ocean Gorge Boards - Flash view of construction

Shaping a waveski  - it's like a board, good info

Rogue Wave Custom Sailboards


Tribal Boards Tech (Layup)


Grid Scored Guidelines (How to bend Divinycell) pdf from Fiberglass Supply, Inc.

Carbon Art - Board Construction

AHD : Technology

Horney Technologie

Horney rooms

Techart Boards (Download Link)

Bic Sport Online : Technology

Tribal Boards (3 pictures)

Sec-surfboards – Sandwich-Board Technologie (Shape and Repair)

Proof Boards

Al's Cheap Board


How to Build Your First Surfboard

Bruce Gabrielson - Surfboard Building

Harbour Surfboards - nice videos

Building a blank from foam sheets

Surfing San Diego - Building

Swaylock's Surfboard Design Discussion Forum

ROCK DANCE (shaping, sanding and laminating videos)

Kenji Chris - FACTORY

Surfboard Manufacturing

Surfgear Construction

Strength of Surfboards (Bruce Jones)

Making Surfboards in Japanese

Hollow Surfboards  (How to info)

Balsa Boards - Superior Surfboards

Solid Balsa

Pezman Essay Balsa Surfboard

Olosurfer - Wooden Surfboard Plans

Shaper Surf Shape surf - French

Surftech - Tuflite

Chuck Basset: Fine Balsa Wood Surfboards

Johnny Rice Surfboards The Shaping Shack

Shaping - Surf Norway

Supersession Surfboards - Building

Pictures from the factory(Surfworx)

Surfboard tech info Mack Surfboards

T & C Factory

Shop Tour Profile Machine Harbour Surf

Scott Surf Design Shaping

Scott Surf Design Glassing

Tsunami - Surfboard Manufacturing(Factory Pics)

Build your own Surfboard

SurfBoards By You

Surfing Experts: The Willis Brothers


Rainer's Kiteboard Building

Wake board building

Kiteboard Shaping - www.kitesurfing-kiel.de (4 pages)

Custom Kiteboards - www.kitesurfing-kiel.de

Kiteboard Laminating - www.kitesurfing-kiel.de (4 pages)

costruire una tavola (Italian Wood Kiteboard)

Kite-Boards Built by Eric Hertsens

Board Building

Kitesurfing-Kiel (Lots of good info on the Tips page)

Prototyp Info in German

Butin Bik - kiteboard | welkom excellent pdf building book

Kiteboard Building Newsgroup - Yahoo Groups

Kiteboard Building - French

Kiteboard Forum (German Language)



Skim Online: Making your own Skimboard

How to make a skimboard

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